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Our Identity

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.

(Helene Keller)


Dimorare believes strongly that a house, a place, a space must necessarily be a home for the individual who decides to live there, even if for a short time.
A place lived as a home can be a catharsis, an emotional tonic, a passage, an unique experience, a meeting place with others or with oneself.


Anyone who stays in a place must feel welcomed, protected and, at the same time, in transformation. The one who seeks a home (Guest) and the one who offers it (Host) can only be in tune. This perfect chemistry is created by small details, colors, sounds, apparently insignificant, but which the ability to resonate in us when we are looking for answers, pauses, new energies.

Dimorare can help you for

  • Transformations of residential and commercial spaces;
  • Thinking and development of interior design solutions: individual, stylish, accessible and that works on a practical level;
  • Image space consulting – services specially designed to clients to revitalise their business or life style;
  • Encouraging money-saving habits and time-saving habits;
  • Web promotion connected services of their space and specific services for Guest Apartment.


Those who choose to stay in one of the solutions proposed by this site allocate 70% of the payment to the owner and 30% to the DIMORARE hosting service for:

  • cleaning service before entry and every other week for longer stays;
  • welcome upon arrival: even in the case of self check-ins we are always online to assist the guest;
  • assistance during your stay and on the day of check-out;
  • useful tips and links.


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